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Updated: 09/15/2016
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Temperature in Tray  Version 1.00.0294 - 12/01/2015
    Displays current local temperature per zip code from The Weather Channel in the tray next to the clock.  Also keeps track of the High and Low temperatures for the day and the time they occurred.  Saves the days High and Low temperatures with the times they occurred at the end of the day to a database.  The collection of data is viewable in a list or a graph.  Program loads on computer startup.  This program disables Suspend Mode (computer goes to sleep after a time) while the program is running.  The program can not access The Weather Channel website when the computer is in sleep mode.   Broadband Internet connection required, cable or DSL.  Windows 98 / Me /XP
        .08/05/2010    Using Weather Channel Widget to get weather data.  Hopefully they don't change it as often as they change their web page.
                                Fixed 30 Day Chart Temperature Trend.
        08/26/2010     Fixed problem updating temperature.
        11/22/2010     Test if connected to internet before updating temperature.
        11/30/2015    Added "Sun and Moon" to Tray menu.
Time Speak  Version 1.00.0065 - 05/31/2009
    A voice tells you the time every quarter of the hour, every minute if you want.  Loads on computer startup.  Can update the computer clock with an Internet Time Server (Atomic Clock).  Windows 98 / Me /XP.

Battery Life  Version 1.00.0041 - 05/31/2009
    Monitors your Laptop battery and displays how many minutes are left before it dies.  Program loads on computer startup.  Resides in the tray next to the clock and the icon displays the number of minutes of life.  Warning screen and Klaxon horn when battery is almost dead.  Windows 98 / Me /XP.

Year Calendar  Version 1.00.0103 - 05/31/2009
    Put your mouse cursor on the tray clock and a calendar of the year pops up.  Edit database of calendar dates.  Print year calendar.  Print month calendar with data from database on calendar.  Program loads on computer startup.  Windows 98 / Me /XP.

Master Links  Version 1.00.0238 - 05/31/2009
    Along the way I have collected over 4000 links to web pages I have searched for information and saved so I wouldn't have to search for the information again.  But I have found that looking for the link takes more time than doing the Google search again.  Master Links organizes your links into searchable databases.  Databases can be created, renamed and deleted.  You can import links from a web page or a folder (Windows "Favorites") and they can be transferred to other link databases of different categories by multiple item drag and drop. Databases can be searched for words or phrases in quotes in the link name or in the page the link points to.  When a link is found, double clicking on the link opens Internet Explorer for that web page.  Web pages come and go, the links in a database or all the links in all the databases can be tested if a real web page is out there.  The ones that fail are moved to the "Recycle Bin" inside the program where they can be manually clicked on and tested again and then deleted if they fail.  Link names can be edited so they are more meaningful or deleted by right clicking on a link.  While in Internet Explorer a right click on the web page provides a menu item called "Master Links Capture".  The web page name and link is sent to the Master Links "Captured" database where it can be later transferred to the database category where it belongs.  The databases can be Backed up and Restored so they can be transferred to another computer.  Shortcuts to the program are made in the Programs Folder, on the desktop and in the Quick Launch Tray.  The program has a complete Uninstall feature.  Runs on all Windows versions.

Usernames and Passwords  Version 1.00.0113 - 08/07/2010
    I have over 60 password logon web sites where I purchase computer products or get information.  I have kept a sheet (sheets) with all the usernames, passwords, revision dates, url to the logon page and additional information needed to use the web site.  I was constantly updating the database in Word and printing out three new sheets for shop, home and the wife's business.  I wrote a program to make it easier to manage.  In the program you can go to the logon page of the web site, double click on the item in the program list associated with the web site, go back to the web page and paste your username and password into the logon fields and click the logon button on the page.  The program can be password protected at startup, the password can be changed and a startup shortcut is made in the quick launch tray.  Items in the list can be Added, Edited and Deleted.  BackUp and Restore features are provided.  The database list can be printed.  The database is a plain text file that is encrypted and resides only in your "My Documents" folder.  An in program Help file is provided.  An Uninstall feature is also provided.  Runs on all Windows versions.

ErieRecord  Version 1.00.0411 - 01/07/2008
    My youngest son started this obsession, we have traveled to Ireland several times and he's fallen in love with the Traditional Irish music, "Trad" as it's called in Ireland.  He's been listening to and asked me if there was a way to record it to MP3 files so he can burn CDs to listen to on the way to and from work.  Windows XP

SafelyRemove  Version 1.00.0048 - 08/06/2010
    If you use a removable USB device frequently, Flash/Pen drive, USB Hard Drive, MP3 Player, Camera, etc. you know what a pain it is to go through the "Safely Remove Hardware" sequence to disconnect it after your done with it.  If you don't do this you risk corrupting the data on the device.  This program will generate a shortcut on the Quicklaunch tray or Desktop to disconnect the device with one click.  You can have a shortcut for as many devices that you have with a friendly name for each, "Safely Remove SanDisk U3 Cruzer Micro USB Device".  UNINSTALL old version before installing new!  Windows XP

Easy IE  Version 1.00.0669 - 05/31/2009
    Easy IE is a front end for Google's "Advanced Search".  See Google Help for Advanced Search.

To download a file:
   When I downloaded a file from a website, I would copy the title of the file to the clipboard. Then I would download the file to a desktop folder I would create with the title in the clipboard and save the file to the folder. I then would copy a link to the webpage to the folder.  Click the Easy IE button on the Internet Explorer toolbar. The title of the page will be pasted into the Easy IE bar "Title:" textbox and the Url to the webpage will be pasted into the Easy IE bar "Page:" textbox. Click on the download file link on the webpage and download the file in the usual way. The download will be directed to a folder name on the desktop that was created by Easy IE with the "Page:" textbox title. After the download is finished open the folder and you will find the downloaded file and an internet link to the webpage for later referral.

Copy text from a web page and save to a file in a folder:
   Click the Easy IE button on the IE toolbar, high light only the text you want or the entire webpage, right click the high lighted text and choose "Copy" from the right click menu. Click the "Text" button on the Easy IE bar and an edit window will popup with the high lighted text in the window. Close the window and say Yes to save. The text will be saved into a desktop folder of the "Page:" title name with a file in it by the name of "Easy IE1". If you save text from the same webpage again the next file would be "Easy IE2". Also a link to the page is generated in the folder. The saved text files can be setup with a file extension of DOC for Microsoft Word, HTM for Microsoft FrontPage, RTF for Microsoft Wordpad or TXT for a plain text file. Click on "File" and then "Save as:" on the menu bar of the main Easy IE or the "Copy and Save Text" window to select.  If you are a writer you can plagiarize the entire World Wide Web!

Make a link to a web page in a desktop folder:
   Click the Easy IE button on the IE toolbar and then click the "Link" button on Easy IE bar at the bottom of the screen. A link to the web page will be in a desktop folder with the title of "Easy IE Links".

BackUp Folders
  Version 1.00.0356 - 07/24/2014
    Backup selected folders to an internal secondary drive, external drive or network drive.  A "Default" setup backs up your Address Book, Desktop, Drivers, Outlook Express Accounts,  Internet Explorer Favorites, Outlook Express Identities (Emails), My Documents, Quicklaunch Tray, and Start Menus.  Schedule backups on a daily, weekly or once a month time.
Blood Pressure Database  Version 1.00.0163 - 12/05/2010
    Record Blood Pressure tests in a database.  Prints a report and chart of collected data to give to your doctor.  Runs in the tray to give you reminders to take a test and enter the data.

Pittsburgh Sports 2016  Version 1.2.038 - 07/13/2016
    Pittsburgh Sports Reminders, Penguins Game Time 2016, Pirates Game Time 2016 and Steelers Game Time 2016 all accessible from one place.      
    Pittsburgh National League Sports teams, Penguins, Pirates and Steelers schedules downloaded from the team's websites. Most of the websites are updated immediately after a game.    Data is listed to show future and past games.  Past games show the scores and future games list the TV Network the game will be played on.  A form is provided that you can edit to put the TV Channel of your local cable company for the TV Network.  Also provides alarms a selectable number of minutes before game time and an alarm at game time.  The alarm tells you what Pittsburgh team is playing who, if the game is home or away, game time, the TV Network and the TV Channel for that network.  Other forms display data about all of the National League teams, home page address, team office phone numbers, stadium or arena statistics (location, address, capacity, grass or astro-turf).  Add and keep your Favorite sports website links in a list.  BackUp and Restore all your data to an external device, flash drive, external hard drive, etc.  Set a time of day when your computer is on to automatically download all schedules from the team's websites so you have all the latest information.  Needs an Internet Connection.
Developed on Windows XP and Tested on Windows 10.

    Pittsburgh Sports Reminders  Version 1.2.301 - 07/18/2016
        Pittsburgh National League Sports teams, Penguins, Pirates and Steelers data downloaded from the team's websites all in one place.
        Reminds you of upcoming games with a Tri-Schedule of all three sports.
        Developed on Windows XP and Tested on Windows 10.
    Penguins Game Time 2016  Version 1.2.181 - 07/12/2016
        Penguins and Opponents Statistics, Roster, Schedule and Quick Links to Websites.
        Developed on Windows XP and Tested on Windows 10.
    Pirates Game Time 2016  Version 1.2.204 - 08/11/2016
        Pirates data downloaded from the team's websites all in one place.
        Developed on Windows XP and Tested on Windows 10.
        Need Google Chrome Browser Installed for Gameday to work.
        Developed on Windows XP and Tested on Windows 10.
    Steelers Game Time 2016  Version 1.2.084 - 08/11/2016
        Steelers data downloaded from the team's websites all in one place.
        Developed on Windows XP and Tested on Windows 10.

AllRecipes Search 2016  Version  1.2.257 - 08/25/2016
    Searches website for recipes using a key word search, list and choose recipes to download and put in your local Cookbook database.
Recipes have a Title, Ingredients, Prep Time, Instructions, Tips and a Picture of the recipe.  Built in ability to Email your recipes to people. 
The Batch feature allows you to multiply the recipe by 1/2, 1-1/2, 2, 3, 4, and 5 times.  Search your local database with a word or phrase.
Edit and Print recipes in your local database.  Blank Template to type in your own recipes.  Backup your local database to any disk drive.
Developed on Windows XP and Tested on Windows 10.


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