Back to the Windows Classic Style

Microsoft made it possible to have a user interface that is virtually identical to previous Windows versions, or what is commonly known as the Windows Classic style. The following steps will take you back to familiar territory.

A Quick Three Step Process to Windows XP in Windows Classic Clothing

Step One
Right click on an open part of the desktop.
Click [Properties].
Select the [Themes] tab.
In the [Themes] drop down box select [Windows Classic].
Click [Apply] and [OK].

Step Two
Right click on the Start Button.
Click [Properties].
Select the [Start Menu] tab.
Select the radio button next to [Classic Start Menu].
Click [Apply] and [OK].

Step Three
Open Windows Explorer.
Select [Tools] and click [Folder Options...].
Select the [General] tab.
In the [Tasks] section, select the radio button next to [Use Windows Classic Folders].
Click [Apply] and [OK].

There you go. Windows Classic in all its glory with a few of the little enhancements from XP tossed in for good measure.
With some creative tweaking you can eliminate most of those as well.