You Can't Send or Receive Email Attachments

Outlook Express Security Settings

Be advised that over 90% of viruses are transferred as email attachments!
Viruses come from people you know!
Your name (email address) is in some person's Outlook Express or Outlook Address Book. When the person's computer is infected, most of the viruses will send an email containing an attachment with the virus to everyone in that person's Address Book. You receive the email, open the attachment and your computer is infected with the virus. With some of the viruses, the attachments don't have to be opened. If you don't have all of the Microsoft Security Updates the attachment will execute by itself and infect your computer as soon as you receive the email. One of Microsoft's solutions to this problem is to disable the sending and receiving of Attachments.

To disable this feature:
Start Outlook Express
Click on the Tools Tab at top
Click on Options
Click on Security Tab at top
Take the check mark out of:
"Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus"
Click OK
Close Outlook Express
Start Outlook Express and send/receive Attachments

My Advice to all my Customers is:
"Your Crazy if you open any Email Attachments other than pictures"!
(So far the Vandals have not been able to imbed viruses in picture files)