Repairing a Corrupted Flash Drive

1. Insert thumb drive
2. Right click it in my computer and go to properties
3. Select the hardware tab
4. In the "All disk drives" list, ensure the usb drive is highlighted
5. Click the properties button to open the properties for your usb drive
6. Select the Policies tab and ensure that "Optimize for quick removal" is selected and not "Optimize for performance".
7. Choose "Optimize for quick removal" option if that is not the case and click okay to save your settings and close the properties window.

//Assuming your usb drives partition is now corrupt

8. Go to Start->run
9. Type "compmgmt.msc" without the quotations and press "Ok" button.
10. In the computer management console's list on the left, go to Storage->Disk Management.
11. In the list of drives, right click your usb drive and choose format.