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"Do Yourself a Favor!", Microsoft Update

Test Your Internet Connection Speed
Average Dialup speed is 35K
Internet Connection Speedometer

Home Network Setup

Safety on the Internet
Web Aware
Info on web security and children
Cybersmart Kids Online
FCC Parents Place
The FCC has an array of information to help parents deal with, decipher,
and monitor the communications that their children can access
Living Internet
Strider URL Tracer with Typo-Patrol
Another way to protect your kids from Porn

What can victims of piracy do?

____________________ Windows Vista ____________________
Microsoft Windows Vista Versions
Windows Vista Editions

____________________ Computer History ____________________
A Computer is BORN! ______________
ENIAC--monster and marvel--debuted 60 years ago
The politics of invention
Photo gallery
Computer history on display
A Brief History of Microsoft on the Web
Microsoft TimeLine
Top 10 computer history Web sites

__________________ The 10 faces of computer malware __________________

_______________________ Antivirus _______________________
I have stopped recommending a brand of antivirus, none of them will
block the spyware "FakeAlert" that came out around Christmas of 2009.
Up until AVG version 2011, I would recommend AVG antivirus and
Malwarebytes professional antispyware.  AVG 2011 rewrote their
antivirus engine and will not allow another scanner on a computer.  Their
idea of taking care of FakeAlert is to let it get installed, detect it and tell you to
reboot your computer were they scan and remove it at startup.  AVG removes it but
doesn't repair the damage it did to the computer.  You can't get on the net or
start programs   This is unacceptable!  Within a month after AVG 2011 came out I
had at least a half a dozen repeat freebie repairs since I recommended AVG and
my customers were reinfected with a new variant of FakeAlert..  This is not my problem,
it's the antivirus companies problem and I'm in the middle of it.  I have had computers
with all brands of antivirus through my shop infected with FakeAlert.

Change from AVG to Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes

Microsoft Security Essentials
Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus and Malwarebytes' antispyware professional
will not conflict with each other.

_____________________ Microsoft Security Essentials Problem _____________________

Windows Security Center states "Virus Protection" is off, however
Microsoft Windows Essential states "Real Time Protection is "ON". 
 The "Red" shield is on my start bar but the Micosoft Essentials house is "Green". 
 This seems to conflict, which is correct? 
 Is protection ON as Essentials states, or is is OFF as Windows says?

Conflicting info between Microsoft Essentials and Windows Security Center

I've windows essential and is showing me my pc status is protected BUT
the windows security icon keeps indicating that my anti virus protection is turned off.

Windows Firewall says Security Essentials says it is turned off. What is happening?

EICAR Test Virus
A tiny file (not really a virus!) to test virus detection software


AVG Free Edition Antivirus
Warning: You can not have AVG 2011 and another scanner on your computer.
I rate this better than Nortons and McAfee
Free Download and Free UpDates for Life!
Schedule AVG to scan when you are not using your computer -
Double click the AVG icon on your desktop
On the left side of the screen, click "Scheduler"
Double click "Test Plan in Basic Mode"
Adjust "Set Daily at" for a time when your computer is idle

Installing a Newer AVG Version
Uninstall the current version:
Click on "Start", "Programs", "AVG Free" and "Uninstsll AVG Free".
Put checks in remove personal data.
Restart computer when asked.
Download the newer version from the link above to your Desktop
Download the bottom file in parenthesis (Filename).
Close Internet Explorer.
Double click on the downloaded file on the Desktop and follow the instaructions.

- Proof that Antivirus software makes your PC crawl -
AVG Antivirus rates very well!

Free Trent (PC-cillin) OnLine Virus Scan
(If you delete any infected files, write down all the information about them first!)
Free Microsoft OnLine: Malicious Software Removal Tool
Download Free Trent Antivirus (PC-Cillin) 30 day Trial
(Select the "For Trial Downloads only")
It's not in your face all the time and doesn't slow your machine down!
 Download Free eTrust EZ Armor Security Suite from Computer Associates
Free trial, I haven't tried it?
Four Free Antivirus Programs

They don't look very good but they're better than nothing if you're on a budget!
Grisoft's AVG Anti-Virus System looks like the best of the lot!
avast! 4 Home Download (Free)
Have not Evaluated
Introduction to viruses, worms, and Trojan Horses
Microsoft Security Antivirus Information
Using Virus Protection Features in Outlook Express 6
Viruses Target Instant Messengers

  If you receive an e-mail that claims to be distributing a
  Microsoft security patch, it is a hoax that may be distributing a
  virus. Microsoft does not distribute security patches via e-mail.

____________________________ Spyware ____________________________
Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware
Malwarebytes' antispyware free version does not run in the back round but if you think you have a bug, update
it and it will do a good job of removing all Spyware.  The $25.00 professional version runs in the back round
like antivirus and will block all spyware from being installed.

What is Spyware / Adware?
Spyware Removal Help
Stealthware: Sneaky Apps Attack

____________________ Internet Security ____________________
Flash Cookies? What are Flash Cookies?
Security tip for eBay/PayPal users
ShieldsUp - Info and Tests
Internet Security Firewall Test
How Firewalls Work
Identity Theft by PC Magazine
Home Computer Security
Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute
Identity Theft
Welcome to the Federal Trade Commission: Your National Resource for Identity Theft
FAQ: Identity fraud uncovered
BrowserSpy can tell you all kinds of detailed information about you and your browser.
How to Secure Wireless Routers and Computers
How to protect yourself at wireless hot spots
Wireless LAN security guide

______________________________Email ______________________________
The use of electronic mail to advertise unethically, harass, annoy, or cause harm to the email recipient.
Abuse can take the form of bulk email,
threatening email, email sent with the intent to slow productivity of,
or cause damage to, the recipient's system.
It is a world wide problem and anyone with an email address is vulnerable. is dedicated to informing users of this potential abuse
and providing them with the tools to avoid becoming a victim and to fight back at Email Abusers!

Compose and Send E-Mail Messages Using Outlook Express
Inside Outlook Express
Outlook Express Setup
You Can’t Send or Receive Email Attachments
Outlook Express Tutorials
Setup a Microsoft HotMail Account
Email Spam Help
Declaring War on Spam
Block Spam from your Inbox with Qurb 2.0
Here's a glossary of spammers' tactics--and how to avoid them
Top 10 spam-fighting tips from the Crabby Office Lady
Spam Slayer: Be Wary of Opting In
Outlook and Outlook Express: Brothers, not twins
How To Manage Groups in the Address Book in Windows XP
How to Create a Whitelist in Outlook Express
Can't see graphics in email after installing SP2
Can't send email when on the road

________ Scams ________
Don't Fall For This Scam!
Anti-Phishing Working Group
Vigilantes attack eBay fraud
Looks Too Good To Be True
Why Phishing Works!

_______ Instant Messengers _______
Google Talk
Talk and IM with your friends for free
One IM program interacts with all the others!

AOL Instant Messenger
MSN Instant Messenger
Yahoo! Messenger
A Grown-Up's Guide to Instant Messaging

____________ MicroSoft Office Alternatives (Free!) ____________
OpenOffice Download (63.5Meg Download)
Governments of the State of Texas and Israel have forsaken Microsoft for OpenOffice!
Alternatives to Microsoft Office

______ You don't need a second telephone line for your computer! ______
CallWave: Internet Answering Machine
Note, for services like this to work, it requires that busy call forwarding is set up on your phone line.
The phone company usually charges $3 or $4 per month for the busy call forwarding
Still better than a second line.

___________________ Miscellaneous ___________________
Repairing a Corrupted Flash Drive

Reset Spell Check in any MS Office App

10 things you should know about Windows XP's System Restore tool

Top 7 Tips for Troubleshooting Windows File and Printer Sharing

Permanently set your flash drive’s default AutoPlay action

QuickTime Player

Why your registry doesn’t need cleaning

How to install a SCR screensaver on a computer

Visual Studio 2005 Express
Free Development Software from Microsoft
Learn to write your own programs

3-D American Flag Screen Saver from MicroSoft
Make sure you satisfy the System Requirements!

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

ScanDisk Has Restarted 10 Times Because Window,,,

How to Install and Remove Programs in Windows

How to Set Your Home Page in Internet Explorer

How to Delete the Contents of the Temporary Internet Files Folder

No More Cable Confusion
Illustrated guide to the back of a typical PC

Bypass Compulsory Web Registration

How to set up a small network with Windows XP Home Edition
Setup Peer to Peer Networking (Windows 98/Me)
Creating a Peer-to-Peer Wireless Ethernet Network (Windows XP/2K)
Get Started with Home Networking (Windows XP)
A How-to Guide to Networking
Selecting the Right Wireless Standard for Your Network
From TechRepublic (PDF)

How to Keep Your Laptop Out of Thieves' Hands
7 ways to protect your laptop on the road

SyncToy v1.1 for Windows XP
Very Nice BackUp Tool from Microsoft

Can I display the Power Meter on my laptop all the time?

Remove Branding from Internet Explorer and Outlook Express
Download script to desktop, then double click on it and follow instructions

How to Distribute a Custom Desktop Theme

_________ Disable Nuisance Programs that Run at Startup __________
How to Troubleshoot By Using the Msconfig Utility in Windows XP

________________ Search the Net ________________
Google: The Best Search Engine
Google: Search News Groups
Google Buttons for the Windows Internet Explorer Browser
 Search using Google without opening your browser
Finding Information on the Internet
White Pages - Find People

__________________________ Download Music __________________________
Kazaa's a drag at its own company
Napster 99˘ per Song (Windows XP/2000 Only)
No License Files needed
Download, Play, & Burn Unlimited Music And Movies
Monthly Fee, No License Files needed
If you download Free Music and don't want to be Sued by the Record Companies: See This!
Windows Media Player DRM: frequently asked questions

________ DVDs ________
Can you legally copy DVDs?

______________ Windows eXtra Problems ______________
Windows XP Tips
Windows XP's Big Security Fix
Closing Error Reporting (Win XP)
Back to the Windows Classic Style
Diabling Windows XP Built in Firewall!
2000, Me, XP: Kill Off Personalized Menus
Making WinXP Look Like Classic Windows
How to Copy User Data to a New User Profile
Disabling Messenger Service in Windows XP
Move Your Data, Settings, and Apps to a New PC
How to Prevent Windows Messenger from Running
Create and Configure User Accounts in Windows XP
HOW TO: Configure Desktop Themes in Windows XP
HOW TO: Change or Remove a Program in Windows XP
How to Set the NUM LOCK State at Logon in Windows XP
Numlock On: Install program that turns it ON when booting up
How to configure and use Automatic Updates in Windows XP
How to Change the Default Location of the My Documents Folder
How to configure the Pop-up Blocker (Service Pack 2)

___________ Windows XP Service Pack 2 ___________
Windows XP Service Pack 2
List of fixes included in Windows XP Service Pack 2
Programs that are known to experience a loss of functionality

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