Making Win XP look like Classic Windows

     So you have Windows XP and think it's great, but you long for the old days, yes, you want your Win XP to look like Windows 98.  There are some benefits to this, well, it makes you feel comfortable when you start using Win XP, it doesn't seem as foreign to you and you're able to find things a little easier.  Okay, so this is for people who really don't like change and I have to admit, for the first week of Win XP I wanted my old Win 98 layout.  Well, here is how you go about doing it.

Step 1

Well the first is to change the desktop theme for you computer.  Thankfully Microsoft figured that some people like the old way of doing things and included a Windows Classic Theme.  So here is what you do, go to Start--->Control Panel---->And then to display.  You'll see this box:

     All you have to do here is go to themes...the theme that is currently selected would be Windows XP.  Just scroll down in the box and select Windows Classic and then hit okay.  The computer will reset and look like Classic Windows.

Step Two:

     Okay, it wouldn't be classic windows without your old start bar back to the way it was...none of this new fangled start want the old menu back.  Okay this can be done, but more steps than you would is what you the start button and in the blue box area RIGHT CLICK and you'll see a properties box like this:

Once you click on the properties box another window will open that looks like this:

Now we hit the simple part, click the Start Menu tab at the top of this box then scroll down and fill in the "Classic Start Menu" and then click okay.  There you have it, take a look at your start menu, just like old times when you were happy with your Windows 98 system, but now you have the look of Win 98 but the improved features of Windows you get the both of best worlds.  If you have a technophobic person in your house this is a great way to make them feel comfortable with the new Windows XP operating system.  Have fun :o)