HMcS Computers
Updated: 03/21/2016

- I also Butcher Wood and Bust Up Glass -

Picture Frames with Easels, Red Oak and Redwood

Stain Glass Mirror, Octagon Window and Cookbook Stand

Computer Desk (Mortise and Tenon Joints) and Cookbook Stands (in progress)

Computer Desk Drawer with Sliding Dovetail Joints

Finished Cookbook Stands in Red Oak and Black Cherry

Hexagon Table in Red Oak

Oval Picture Frame in Red Oak with Bubble Glass and a Picture of all the Outlaws

My Mum and Dad (during WWII) in a Red Oak Frame with a Stained Glass Matte
Marine Corp, Four
Campaigns in the Pacific, Last one was Guam, Semper Fi

Mirror was salvaged from my Great Grand Mother's Chicken Coop, re-silvered and put into this frame

Park Bench I made for my Father when he retired in 1981, made wooden mold for concrete 
Recently was restored


Stain Glass in a Red Oak Shadow Box that provides a Night Light for the Upstairs Landing

Radiator Cover in Red Oak

Upstairs Bathroom

Tudor Linen Fold Carved Jewelry Box in Red Oak

Cellar Bathroom, can you smell the roses?

Kitchen Ladder

Slammer I made for my Mum and Dad in 1983

Shop built Router Fluting and Reeding Jig for my Lathe, adds to my capabilities

My Wife's 2013 Christmas Gift

A Gearhead Needs a Toolbox

Kitchen Problem                                                                         Kitchen Solution

I've read a newspaper for over 60 years in a room like this.
They stopped delivering it.
Now I have to read it online.

HMcS Computers